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On-Line shop instructions:

Product Ordering sequence:

1. )  Choose the product or collection
2. )  Choose the style or color
3. )  Choose the product size ( if needed )
4. )  Choose the product quantity that you will purchase
5. )  Add your products to the shopping Cart by clicking on "Add to Cart" button.
After this, the Cart window opens on the right.
** NOW, IF YOU WILL NOT order more products, click on "View Cart"
** IF YOU WILL order more products, close the Cart window by clicking to the arrow ">" and continue your shopping by repeating the above steps.
When your shopping is completed click to the "View Cart" button.

Cart Window
In the Cart window you can see your purchases, where you can also still make changes, example increase quantity or remove products.
6. )  Choose the product Shipping option (SmartPost or self Pick-up from the Maanani shop)
** If you have a discount or campaign code, enter the code number to the field "Enter a Promo code"

** If you have a special request concerning your order, write your request to the "Add a note" field.
7. )  If the Cart looks accurate, click to "Checkout" button.

Shipping details
8. )  Enter your shipping name, address information (fields marked with a star (*) mark are required). Click to "Continue" when you have entered all required information.

Delivery method
9. )  Re-confirm your shipping method. If it is correct click to the "Continue" button.

10. )  Choose on the payment window the payment method that you will use.
         -Credit/Debit card (requires you to enter the card number, card owner name and CVV-, CVD  code)
         -Manual payment (you will do a bank transfer using your own bank's internet banking service.

          The payment should be done to the account number and name shown below when you choose this payment method. Write down that account number on a paper so that you have it when you make the payment with your internet bank.

("Billing address" will be used if the Card payment was unsuccessful)
Click to "Continue" button after you have made your payment choice and entered the required information.

11. )  Click to the box next to the "I agree to the terms..." text to confirm that you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Return Policy.
12.)  Finally, click to "Place Order" button.

After this, your order is ready and you will receive an Order Confirmation email with a list of your order. 



If the product is ready, it will be shipped during the next 2-3 days of receiving the payment to our bank account. Otherwise, the product will be made and shipped to you 4-6 days after receipt of payment unless otherwise told separately.

If you chose self Pick-up from my shop, I will send you a message either by text message or email when your order is ready for pick-up.

If you have any problems or need assistance in making an order in the On-Line shop, please feel free to contact Roy Molini at telephone number 050-3819722 or email us to


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