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Tailor Ordered Services

Tailor ordered works is custom made sewing of clothing and decor products according to customer ordered specifications.
The customer can visit to my shop and we together can plan the tailoring work that you need according to your measurements and wishes.
Tailor sewing work envolves the following processes:

  • measurements

  • pattern sketching

  • material cutting to pattern

  • sewing to pattern model

  • proto-model 1st fitting

  • final sewing adjustments

  • finished product fitting


We can tailor make all types of works; skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets, children's clothing, party dresses, home decoration products, etc. provided that they are not from thick materials.

The customer can bring their own design and the fabric from which the product will be made. Together also we can plan a design and meterial needs. (In the shop I have some textiles, but it is limited.)

Final pricing is of the whole work is difficult to estimate in advance so it is especially best to sit down to plan what you need and then I can give you some estimated price. I will inform you if the price changes dramatically during the production process.


Tulke käymään, samalla otetaan mitat, sovitaan aikataulusta ja tehdään hinta-arvio.


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